Sacred heart Fiesta

Music, Food, Games

A family event





6:00-  Mr G and New Mexico Image

7:00 - The Kevin Michael's  Band

8:00 - AJ and Taralynn

9:00 - Gilbert Lechuga and the Shysterzz

Saturday June29

12:00 TBA

1:00 - Rebel Soul

2:15 - Musico De Uno

3:30 - Musicos De Christo

5:00 - Mass

6:15 - Grupo Melodia

7:30 - Dawn Luz Padilla

8:45 - The Dwayne Ortega Band

Sunday June 30

11:00 - Northern Revolution

 12:30 - Gabriel Serna

1:30  - Power Drive 

2:30 - Jagg

3:30 - Ernestine Romero

4:30 - Black Pearl

Back line and Front of the house PA

Sacred Heart will provide all of the front of the house PA.

Back line items will be provided.

Guitars and Bass: two guitar amps and a bass amp will be on stage

band members will need to provide guitars, cords and any pedals 

they would like to use.

Drums: A partial kit will be provided, drummers will need to bring

Cymbals, Snare , bass drum pedal.

Keyboards: will be run through the system directly and go through 

the monitor system.